Logo noir Les Capucins Bordeaux

An uncovered face

Logo noir Les Capucins Bordeaux

Les Capucins: Discover our history, our values and our exceptional wines

Les Capucins, your Bordeaux wine merchant, embodies the very essence of Bordeaux: a fusion of tradition and innovation, passion and expertise. Dive into our history, explore our core values and immerse yourself in the timeless universe of our exceptional wines.

Founded in 2011 by Yves Glotin and merged with Gabart Laval Export in 2021, Les Capucins celebrates the harmonious union of winemaking tradition and modern business techniques. Each one of our wines tells a profound and authentic story, deeply rooted in Bordeaux’s winemaking history.

Putting people first

A deep commitment

We prioritize human connection in all our interactions. As artisans, we are the direct link between the land and the glass. We strive to find the perfect balance between product and market expectations. Acting as the natural junction between the vineyard and the consumer, we invite everyone to experience the passion that motivates our winemakers.

An uncovered face: Les Capucins' authenticity

Les Capucins stands out for its dynamism and initiative. Always ready to assist, advise and cultivate genuine partnerships with our clients and suppliers. Our logo, two medieval helmets in profile, symbolizes our commitment with transparency and authenticity. “An uncovered face” is more than just a motto, it embodies our integrity and our willingness to share the authenticity of our wines with you.

Our timeless

Les Capucins is deeply rooted in the tradition of Bordeaux wines. We carry the expertise of our different producers, to craft timeless blends that consistently showcase the quality and expertise that have made us stand out in the wine industry.

by heart

Our mission is to uncover the hidden treasures of Bordeaux. Guiding you through the lesser known doors of our castles and estates.

Our privilege lies in our deep understanding of these places, enriching our appreciation of their history and their wines.

Yves Glotin, founder of Les Capucins and head of Chateaux Goudichaud et Fage, shares more than just a terroir; he passes on a familial legacy and a continuous pursuit for excellence.

Our core

L'humain Les Capucins Bordeaux


At Les Capucins, family is not just a word, it is a fundamental pillar that guides each of our steps. It represents continuity,  passing down expertise from one generation to the next.

Etoiles Les Capucins Bordeaux


This commitment is reflected in our rigorous approach to viticulture, driven by a constant pursuit for excellence rooted in our heritage. Each bottle in our collection carries a familial legacy, perpetuating a tradition that has been passed down through generations.

Histoire Les Capucins Bordeaux


For us, history is more than just a series of past events, it is the thread that weaves our identity. We trace our essence to the rich viticultural heritage passed down from generation to generation.