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Our services

Our services

Our Collection of Wines:
A Sensory Odyssey

Our wine collection goes beyond the mere selection of vintages; it embodies the fusion of wine passion and the art of tasting. Each wine we offer is the result of a meticulous process, enlightening our commitment to obtain grapes of the highest quality from renowned vineyards. Our diverse range of wines satisfies demanding palates, offers balanced wines, bold blends, and prestigious vintages.

A Privileged Relationship with Producers

At Les Capucins, we build exceptional relationships that are based on trust with our clients. We are the direct link between our clients and renowned producers. Our approach goes beyond simple transactions. We provide a deep understanding of the products and an opportunity to fully explore the expertise and history behind each vineyard.

Our service is personalized, adapted to the specific needs of each client, fostering long-lasting relationships and granting access to an exclusive selection of wines.

Cutting-Edge Personalization

Les Capucins is deeply rooted in the tradition of Bordeaux wines. We carry the expertise of our various producers, to craft timeless blends that consistently showcase the quality and expertise that have made us stand out in the wine industry.

Comprehensive Commercial Support

We place people at the heart of all our interactions. We are artisans of the link between land and glass, seeking the perfect match between product and market expectations. We are the natural extension of the vine to the consumer, inviting everyone to feel the passion that drives our winemakers.

Openness to
International Markets

Our expertise extends beyond national borders, exploring various international markets. Each region of the world represents a new opportunity to explore and share our collection of wines. We do not limit ourselves to selling quality wines worldwide, but we also establish strong and mutually beneficial partnerships.

At Les Capucins, our international approach is more than just a business strategy – it has a cultural dimension. We strive to understand and respect the specificities of each market, transforming each transaction into an opportunity for success.