Les Capucins has been founded by Yves Glotin, owner of Château Goudichaud.

The philosophy of the company is to find, provide and market the best values from Bordeaux – and elsewhere – all around the world.

To reach this goal, Yves Glotin is equaly involved in choosing the wines of our range as he is in producing his own wines. We attach a significant importance to the terroir and the quality of every wine we choose and every wine we produce. This is why each product of our range has been carefully selected and is regularly tasted. Over the years we established privileged relationship with numerous winegrowers, that we are proud to call our partners. This -added to our experience of exporting wine as a producer- gives us a real expertise.

​Through our network and thanks to our reactive team we are also able to source and provide wines to answer specific requests. In the meantime our knowledge of the Bordeaux wine market allows us to widen our activity to “Grands Crus Classés de Bordeaux » which we are able to provide thanks to an access to the Primeurs.

Our key values: Family – History – Quality

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SAS Les Capucins

43 rue Durieu de Maisonneuve, 33000 Bordeaux

Tel +33(0)5 5724 5734 – Fax +33(0)5 5724 5990

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